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Mobil Serv℠ Analysis Results from Acculube

Engine Analysis

Engine Analysis from Acculube provides essential engine and lubricant-specific testing to detect engine problems and lubricant contamination before they cause preventable wear or failure. Engine Oil Analysis is a useful maintenance and predictive tool for engines running virtually every type of equipment.

Selecting Your Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis Level

There are 3 options for Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis. Make your selection based on your equipment’s age, history, and application.

Engine Oil Analysis – Extended Service

Engine Analysis – Extended Service provides enhanced testing to support an ODI (Optimized Drain Interval) program, and advanced testing to help you more closely monitor engine health. In addition to Engine Oil Analysis testing, Extended Service includes:

  • Suitability for continued use analysis (SCU)
  • Varnish prediction analysis (VPA)
  • Maximum service analysis (MSA)

There is special Extended Service testing for engines that operate on heavy or residual fuels. Talk with Acculube for details.

The Mobil Serv Analysis Process

When your sample is processed, the laboratory handles each bottle as a unique and important. Each sample is coded, labeled, and tracked through the testing process. By the time test results are available, your equipment sample has directly benefited from Acculube’s extensive knowledge about the chemistry and performance of Mobil lubricants, decades of experience with major equipment OEMs, and a track record of hands-on expertise with facilities like yours.

Sample comments are provided to help identify potential problems, list possible causes and recommend actions.

Online Reporting

The color-coded Mobil Serv Analysis report is typically generated 1-2 business days following the lab’s receipt of the sample. You can confirm receipt at the laboratory and track your sample’s status by logging into your account.

The report is provided via Internet, email, or fax. It includes valuable insights on your equipment, contaminants associated with its use and lubrication conditions.

Mobil Serv Analysis report: includes data for contaminant, wear and additive elements.

Equipment information

Equipment data provided during registration is used to interpret the analysis results. By including equipment manufacturer, model, and other operating parameters, the most complete assessment can be made for your application.

Sample Data

Operating data documented during the sample process provides critical information to help assess and interpret your equipment’s condition, and, equally important, how it is trending.

Results Interpretation

Proprietary control limits are applied based on your equipment manufacturer, model, the lubricant used, and application. Comments are provided to help identify potential problems and their causes, and recommend actions for follow-up.

Analysis Results

The Mobil Serv Analysis report provides an easy-to-read, color-coded display of your sample analysis results in order to:

  • Trend elements of equipment wear
  • Identify contaminants that impact performance and service life
  • Monitor lubricant condition

What is the condition of my engine and lubricant?
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