Fluid Distributor of industrial lubricants, synthetic oil, hydraulic oils, grease, cleaners, coolants, metalworking fluids, quenchants, absorbents, water treatment chemicals for Ohio Valley area (Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky). Acculube can reduce lubricant costs.


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Universal Joint Grease

Mobil Delvac Extreme Grease for Universal Joint Lubrication

  • This NLGI 2 grade lithium complex grease for universal joints provides exceptional protection against wear and shock loads.
  • This high-performing U-joint lube is ideal for wet, high temperature environments.
  • Delvac Xtreme Service universal joint grease resists water washout and spray-off, assures proper lubrication and protection even in severe water exposure conditions.
  • Highly adhesive and cohesive structure provides excellent grease tenacity, reduced leakage and extended re-lubrication intervals for reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Product resists thermal, oxidative and structural degradation at high temperatures.
  • This grease is recommended for antifriction bearings, chassis components, and disc brake wheel bearings in addition to universal joints.

Mobilgrease XHP 222 for Universal Joint Lubrication

  • This lithium complex bearing universal joint grease is ideally suited to severe service conditions.
  • U-joint grease has high chemical stability, offers excellent rust and corrosion protection.
  • Properties include a high dropping point and maximum operating temperature of 284ºF.
  • Grease is NLGI grade 2, with base oil viscosity of ISO VG 220.
  • Product protects lubricated equipment, even under high sliding and shock loading conditions.
  • Mobilgrease XHP 222 universal joint grease is also recommended for industrial and automotive antifriction bearings, chassis components, and disc brake wheel bearings. It is ideal for cars, light trucks, taxis, and farm equipment.

Mobil Centaur Moly Series

  • The Mobil Centaur Moly Series of greases are premium quality greases formulated with advanced calcium sulfonate thickener technology.
  • Excellent extreme-pressure protection and load-carrying ability for equipment protection under heavy and shock loading.
  • Outstanding corrosion and water resistance for highly reliable lubrication in hostile environments.
  • The Mobil Centaur Moly Series of greases have excellent high pressure thermal stability.
  • Extreme pressure performance, retention, and protection in severe sliding situations.
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Acculube supplies the
Diesel Exhaust Fluid ("DEF")
you need to reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel economy

  • API certified for on-highway diesel engines
  • Bulk, totes, drums or 2.5 gallon containers