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Acculube Has an Oil Analysis Service
for Every Commercial Vehicle

Our Goal:

to scientifically assess oil condition, equipment condition and system status, so you can:

  • Maximize oil service life and extend drain intervals
  • Identify problems before they result in downtime
  • Reduce energy use
  • Improve equipment performance and identify the root causes of equipment that is not functioning efficiently
  • Prevent equipment damage
  • Reduce warranty claims
  • Get the greatest overall value for your lubricant dollar

Acculube Oil Analysis

  • Determines the condition of the oil, and indicates whether it's suitable for continued use
  • Determines if any abnormal conditions exist in the equipment
  • Evaluates data so that unit overhauls can be lengthened or shortened based on science, rather than guesswork (or calendars)
  • Is performed throughout our service area and does not interrupt production in any way.

The Acculube Oil Analysis Consists of These 8 Parts:

Acculube oil analysis

Mobil Serv Analysis for on and off-highway applications from Acculube provides insight to help you maximize equipment life and reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

How Often Should Oil Analysis be Done for Best Results?

Follow OEM recommendations on sampling intervals for your equipment. If there are no guidelines, these 3 tables will help to establish sample frequency.

Off-Highway Equipment

Sample Point Frequency
Diesel Engine 250 hours
Wheel Motor 250 hours
Differential / Gear 500 hours
Hydraulic System 500 hours
Transmission 500 hours
Final Drive 1000 hours

On-Highway Equipment

Sample Point Frequency
Diesel Engine 15,000 miles or
25,000 km
Transmission 25,000 miles or
40,000 km

Industrial Plant Equipment

Sample Point Frequency
Landfill Gas Engine 250 hours
Generator Engine 500 hours
Natural Gas Engine 500 hours
Paper Machine Lube System Monthly
Turbine Monthly
Compressor 3 months
Gear Drive 3 months
Hydraulic System 3 months

Oil Analysis applies to all lubricants, conventional, semi-synthetic and synthetic, used in commercial vehicles and equipment.

Performed by qualified lubricant technicians, the Acculube Oil Analysis, and the Mobil Serv Analysis offered by Acculube, are exceptional tools for managing high-value assets, and putting science on your side.

Oil analysis helps keep mission-critical equipment in service, and at peak operating efficiency, while avoiding under- and over-servicing. It can dramatically reduce the risk of component and system failures, equipment burnouts, and unscheduled maintenance events. It lets you carry less inventory for "back-up" replacement parts, and it can help you get higher trade-in values when you change equipment.

If you have never had an independent oil analysis, the results and opportunities it will show for saving dollars and downtime will surprise you.

Getting the greatest productivity possible from every moving asset is a must. Expert oil analysis lets you do just that. Email us for more info.

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Acculube supplies the
Diesel Exhaust Fluid ("DEF")
you need to reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel economy

  • API certified for on-highway diesel engines
  • Bulk, totes, drums or 2.5 gallon containers