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Transmission Fluid

Mobil Delvac 1 Transmission Fluid 50

  • Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50 reduces wear and extends gear life compared to conventional auto transmission fluids through outstanding load-carrying, antiwear and EP performance.
  • Product provides excellent viscosity control or improved fuel economy and equipment life.
  • Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50 has the same viscosity as most SAE 50 engine oils and SAE 90 gear lubricants at the high end of the temperature-viscosity scale, and because of its high viscosity index, it provides stronger film strength at higher temperatures than conventional oils.
  • Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50 ensures effective lubrication at subfreezing temperatures without channeling.
  • It is approved for heavy-duty transmissions covered by Eaton Roadranger and Extended Warranties of 750,000 miles, with oil drains of 500,000 miles. It is approved by Mack against its TO-A Plus 500,000 mile extended service classification.
  • Mobil Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50 meets the API service MT-1 EP gear oil service classification and is suitable for transmissions and gear cases where API Service GL-1 through GL-4 gear protection is required.

Mobil Delvac 1 ATF Transmission Fluid

  • Delvac Synthetic AFT is a fully synthetic fluid recommended by Allison Transmission, Inc. meeting the Allison TES-295 Specification.
  • The high viscosity index and stability of Mobil Delvac Synthetic ATF transmission fluid protects against thermal breakdown at high operating temperatures, provides outstanding performance at temperatures down to –54º C.
  • Long-term friction retention improves transmission efficiency, smoothes shifting, enhances fuel economy.
  • This transmission fluid has exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, which keeps transmissions clean, extends life under severe driving conditions.
  • Product is compatible with mineral ATF fluids, so users have less concern in top-off situations and excellent seal materials leakage control.

Mobilfluid 424 Multipurpose Tractor Lubricant

  • Mobilfluid 424 is an extra high performance multipurpose tractor lubricant engineered to meet or exceed transmission and hydraulic fluid requirements.
  • High viscosity index and shear stability ensure consistent operating response.
  • Excellent low temperature properties; responsive operation and effective lubrication in cold weather.
  • This product has strong anti-wear and extreme pressure properties that extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Mobilfluid 424 delivers exceptional performance in power train transmissions, drive axles, clutches, and hydraulic systems.
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Acculube supplies the
Diesel Exhaust Fluid ("DEF")
you need to reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel economy

  • API certified for on-highway diesel engines
  • Bulk, totes, drums or 2.5 gallon containers