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Engine Coolant / Antifreeze

Mobil Delvac ELC Extended Life Engine Coolant / Antifreeze (Red)

Mobil Delvac ELC has patented Organic Acid Technology that protects cooling systems for 600,000 miles of on-road use (6 years or 12,000 hours off-highway) without SCAs.

  • Delvac Extended Life Engine Coolant is free of phosphates, nitrites, silicates and borates. 
  • Organic corrosion inhibitors provides wet sleeve liner cavitations and corrosion protection.
  • Delvac Extended Life Engine Coolant eliminates the need for SCAs and chemically-charged filters.
  • Product provides long-term elastomer compatibility.
  • Unique formula tolerates all water qualities, inhibits scale formation.
  • Delvac Extended Life Engine Coolant meets Cat EC-1, Cummins 14603, Detroit Diesel, MTU 5048, Mercedes DBL 7700, Behr Radiator and ASTM D-3306/4340/4985.
  • Delvac Extended Life Engine Coolant meets the performance requirements of John Deere H24A1 and H24C1, Mack Truck SB232-014, Navistar B1, ASTM D-6210, SAE J1941 and J1034, and TMC RP329.
  • No dropout concerns.

Mobil Delvac Extended Life Prediluted Engine Coolant / Antifreeze

  • Delvac Extended Life 50/50 Engine Coolant / Antifreeze is used for topping-off cooling systems using Delvac Extended Life Coolant / Antifreeze to ensure proper inhibitor levels.
  • Product is prediluted with deionized water; no need to add water at initial fill or top-off.

Mobil SCA Precharged 50/50 Prediluted Coolant / Antifreeze (Pink)

  • Mobil Heavy-Duty 50/50 Prediluted Coolant / Antifreeze is a diesel-specific engine coolant, providing exceptional protection for heavy-duty cooling systems.
  • 50/50 mix is pre-charged with a high quality SCA and premixed with deionized water.
  • 50/50 Engine Coolant / Antifreeze is a low total dissolved solids, low silicate coolant incorporating nitrites for superior wet sleeve liner cavitation corrosion protection.
  • Phosphate-free formula and inhibitor package prevent scale and inhibitor drop-out.
  • Mobil 50/50 Engine Coolant / Antifreeze is recommended for diesel, gasoline and natgas cooling systems.
  • SCA precharged for heavy duty wet sleeved linear applications.
  • Reduced additive dropout concern: low dissolved solids.
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Acculube supplies the
Diesel Exhaust Fluid ("DEF")
you need to reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel economy

  • API certified for on-highway diesel engines
  • Bulk, totes, drums or 2.5 gallon containers