Fluid Distributor of industrial lubricants, synthetic oil, hydraulic oils, grease, cleaners, coolants, metalworking fluids, quenchants, absorbents, water treatment chemicals for Ohio Valley area (Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky). Acculube can reduce lubricant costs.


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Steering Gear Grease

Mobilith SHC 007 Manual Steering Gear and Truck Trailer Grease

  • Mobilith SHC 007 can reduce heat in the load zone of spherical roller and ball bearings.
  • Lithium complex thickener contributes excellent adhesion, structural stability, water resistance.
  • This steering gear grease has high chemical stability and protects against wear, rust and corrosion at high and low temperatures.
  • SHC 007 Manual Steering Gear Grease extends service intervals between relubrication, improves bearing life.
  • Low traction coefficient improves mechanical life, reduces energy consumption.
  • SHC 007 retains excellent grease performance in hostile aqueous environments, resists viscosity increase at high temperatures.
  • Mobilith SHC 007 Manual Steering Gear Grease is an NLGI 00 Grade / ISO VG 460 product with a synthetic base fluid and a recommended operating range of -50º C to 150 ºC.
  • Uses include grease-filled industrial gear cases subject to high temperatures, where conventional greases can’t provide acceptable lubricant life, also non-driven heavy-duty truck trailer wheel hubs.
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Acculube supplies the
Diesel Exhaust Fluid ("DEF")
you need to reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel economy

  • API certified for on-highway diesel engines
  • Bulk, totes, drums or 2.5 gallon containers