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Diesel Oil Change Intervals: How to Extend Them

Many equipment owners follow manufacturers recommendations and leave it at that. But given the fact that the true cost of an oil change is far more than just the oil itself, others seek ways to extend drain intervals to boost the efficiency of their operations and reduce costs.

Before you consider extending oil drain intervals, be sure of three things. First, that you are using a properly rated oil for your engine and the load/ temperature conditions under which it operates. Second, that you are performing analyses on your oil and attend to any remedial actions these analyses may indicate. Third, work with your supplier and engage the services of a field engineer.

Even the Right Oil Won't Last Forever

There are plenty of stories of using oil a little longer to save money, or getting poor advice from a saleman trying to close a sale, resulting in failure or problems down the road.

Your equipment operates under conditions of extreme heat, cold, engine load, idle times and contaminants. As your oil does its job during the engine's operation, these conditions can deplete, degrade and/or pollute the oil. Acculube never recommends the use of aftermarket oil additives- it's better to use a quality oil.

Have Your Oil Analyzed

You can't tell who is winning the game unless you look at the scoreboard. When it comes to your engine's life and performance, a formal oil analysis is the scoreboard you need. Any sophisticated heavy-truck fleet maintenance program consists of regular engine oil analyses, which reveal early-warning signs of impending equipment problems, failures or, more frequently, the need to simply change the oil.

Extending Diesel Oil Change Intervals

Once you're using the right oil and having it analyzed regularly, you can consider extending Diesel Oil Change intervals, keeping your truck on the road longer between scheduled maintenance times. Here's how:

  • Select Lubricants with Enhanced Durability and Extended Service Life — Synthetic oils have better durability and longer service life than traditional oils, but is their higher cost justified? Your equipment and the way it operates will determine this. It is possible a blend of synthetic and traditional oil will help extend service life at a reasonable cost.
  • Reduce the Stress on Your Oil — This is easier said than done, but if there are ways to reduce oil's exposure to the extreme service conditions, that's worth considering. It's hard to avoid excess heat from vehicle operation, but it may be possible to reduce vehicle idle times. Or, for example, if oil analysis shows a critically-high level of contaminants, determine the cause and correct the problem promptly.
  • Be Diligent About Oil Leaks — A leak won't degrade oil, but it is still a form of consumption. If you're leaking oil, find the leak and fix it.



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