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Quench Oils and Polymer Quenchants

  • Houghto-Quench G – Medium-fast, high quality quench oil provides fast, uniform quenching with stability, long life, high fire and flash points, and optimum viscosity.  Oil-soluble agents rapidly wet-out the work, preventing formation of stable gas pockets. A unique anti-oxidant reduces oxidation and fractional distillation, reducing sludge.

  • Houghto-Quench K – Accelerated quenching oil is suitable for temperatures to 180°F (82°C).  It is based on specialty solvent refined base oil to minimize oxidation and ensure consistent performance in severe service conditions. Additive package reduces the duration of the vapor blanket cooling stage and provides accelerated quenching, oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
  • Mar-Temp Oil 355 – Oil has low viscosity and medium quenching speed; used for tempering and martempering up to 400ºF;  antioxidants extend product life.
  • Houghto-Quench 3440 – Fast quench oil of low viscosity is based on paraffinic mineral oils; contains additives for bright quenched work surfaces and good oil aging stability.
  • Houghto-Quench 3430 – Moderately fast quench oil of low viscosity is based on paraffinic mineral oils; contains additives to assure bright surfaces of quenched work and good oil aging stability.

  • Dasco Quench LPA 15 – Super-fast quenching oil is based on highly refined virgin paraffinic base stocks enhanced by a unique additive package.  Highly effective oxidation and thermal decomposition inhibitors eliminate sludging and staining and prolong service life.

  • Dasco Quench LBA 15 – High speed quenching oil delivers highest steel hardness with minimum distortion.  Low viscosity oil is made of virgin paraffinic base stocks fortified with accelerating additives to meet the toughest quench requirements
  • Dasco Quench MPA 60 – Medium viscosity quenching oil produces specified hardness and unsurpassed part cleanliness following heat treatment.  Designed for both fast quenching and marquenching applications,  it provides unusually fast quenching speed at elevated temperatures.  Parts quenched in this oil attain the same hardness as comparable parts quenched in low viscosity fast quench oils at conventional temperatures.
  • Aqua Quench 140 – Advanced polymer quenchant for induction and flame hardening is ideal for steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and brass parts. Parts dry free of sticky residue; polyalkylene glycol based formula resists microbial contamination and protects the quenching system from corrosion.

  • Aqua-Quench 145 – Advanced biostable polymer quenchant is designed for induction hardening and flame hardening. Non-nitrite corrosion inhibitor protects inductors, limit switches, tanks, fittings. Product prevents steam pockets and soft spots and produces no sticky residue.  Ideal for steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and brass.

  • Aqua-Quench 245 – Provides the benefits of 145, but is formulated for induction hardening and immersion quenching of higher hardenability steel alloys and other applications requiring slower heat extraction.

  • Aqua-Quench 251 – Oil free, nonflammable, water soluble synthetic quenchant is ideal for hardening ferrous alloys and the solution treatment of aluminum alloys.

  • Aqua-Quench 3699 – Water soluble quenchant has oil-like quenching characteristics: advanced polymer quenchant is highly recommended for low and high hardenability steels. Quenching characteristics can be varied between those of water and normal speed cold quenching oil by varying concentration.
  • Aqua-Quench 4000 Series Quenchants are ideal for low and high hardenability steels, with slow cooling rates in the convection phase and flexible quenching speeds.  This makes them suitable for applications typically limited to quench oils, including pistons, forgings, mine shaft supports and other high hardenability steel products.

    Aqua-Quench 4000 Series quenchants offer important use and waste treatment advantages over quench oils and traditional water-based quenchants. Use does not generate smoke or fumes, or pose a fire hazard, and because they are diluted, there is less sludge and varnish buildup. They minimize equipment and parts corrosion compared to strictly water-based quenchants and are available in nitrite or nitrite-free versions.

    Aqua-Quench 4000 products are compatible with most other water-based quenchant technologies, so users can upgrade without changing out the quench tank.

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