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Industrial Cleaners for Single Stage Spray Washers

  • Cerfa-Kleen 5378 – Alkaline cleaner and rust preventative is MEA-free, operable at 60-160°F.

  • Cerfa-Kleen 5395AT Bio-stable cleaner and rust preventative is multi-metal compatible, usable with pressure spray up to 6000 psi. at 60-140°.

  • Cerfa-Kleen 5398 – Non-nitrited, low residue, spray cleaner provides short-term in-plant rust protection, presents no barrier to subsequent coating or welding.  Use in all stages of multi-stage washers as an alternative to solvent emulsion cleaners; ideal for removing quench oils.

Industrial Cleaners for Multiple Stage Spray Washers

  • Cerfa-Kleen 5505 – Multi-metal, heavy duty product has a pH of 9.5.
  • Cerfa-Kleen 5507 – Ferrous metal cleaner removes pigmented drawing compounds; pH 13+.
  • Cerfa-Kleen 5378 – Alkaline spray cleaner is an excellent alternative to solvent emulsions and silicate cleaners. Its non-MEA, non-nitrited formula provides short-term, in-plant rust protection, and presents no barrier to subsequent coating or welding.
  • Cerfa-Kleen Inhibitor 101 – Final rinse provides 90+ days of indoor rust protection; use following Cerfa-Kleen 5505/5507.

  • Cerfa-Kleen 5378 – Alkaline spray cleaner has low residue, is an excellent alternative to solvent emulsions and silicate cleaners.  Non-MEA, non-nitrited formula provides short-term, in-plant rust protection, presents no barrier to subsequent coating or welding.  5378 removes quench oils and shop soils, and is usable in spray washers with pressures of 40 to 250 psi. 

Industrial Cleaners for Immersion Tank Cleaning

  • Cerfa-Kleen CST – Room temperature soak cleaner combines high surface activity, detergency and solvent cleaning action in open tanks without fire hazard; often replaces flammable and toxic solvents. Components are biodegradable; safe for ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • Cerfa-Kleen HST – Powdered alkaline tank cleaner contains a rust preventative.
  • Cerfa-Kleen 5378 – No-rinse, agitated soak cleaner contains a rust preventive.

Industrial Cleaners for Mass Finishing

Barrel and Vibratory Bowl Finishing

  • Cerfa-Kleen 5502 – Liquid detergent soak cleaner provides high surface activity, penetration, and detergency for soak, vibratory and barrel cleaning operations.  Formulated for high resistance to microbial degradation and excellent short-term rust protection, it removes cutting oils, coolants, buffing compounds, shop dirt.
  • Houghto-Vibe 4011 – Vibratory acidic descaling compound.
  • Vibra-Coat 5062 SC – Barrel and vibratory conversion coating.

  • MicroSurface™ 5132 – "Engineered surface" vibratory compound is a mildly acidic liquid concentrate; it combines scale removal with rapid surface refinement of steel components.  
  • Cerfa-Kleen 5502 – Companion product to MicroSurface neutralizes and polishes steel surfaces and impart rust protection.
  • D.A. Stuart Dasco Kleen 06238 – Machinery maintenance product for machine tools contains cleaning agents, bactericides, fungicides, anti-rust agents; developed for machining systems using water based metalworking fluids.
  • Cerfa-Kleen 5376 – Water based process cleaner for pressure wash applications is low foaming, provides maximum soil removal efficiency on aluminium and ferrous components. Operate at ambient to 140°F.

  • Cleaner 1930-76 – Water based floor and hard surface cleaner was developed for powered and manual equipment.  Also available: high purity cold cleaning solvents offering important health and safety and environmental benefits.

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