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Oil Filtration Systems

Acculube, a Leader in Fluid Management, has Introduced Oil Filtration Systems for Shops in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

This is the portable, cost-effective, operator-friendly solution to the demand for contaminant-free fluids, and (nearly) maintenance-free filtration.

Why Effective Filtration is Needed

Oil has 4 functions in manufacturing:

To clean and protect internal equipment surfaces, preventing lost production and high
repair costs, and preventing sludge and varnish from forming on the parts
To cool machinery and move heat to the atmosphere
To lubricate machines and mitigate the progressive wear that results from abrasion
and fatigue
To seal the bridge between surfaces, keeping fluid in, and air and dirt out

How Acculube's Oil Filtration Systems Work

The innovative flow-through filtration system supplied and serviced by Acculube was engineered specifically for manufacturing fluids. It is a multi-element filter that forms a positive barrier to channeling.

The flow of oil carries contaminants deep into the media. Oil is routed from the top and bottom of the filter element, through the media, to the collector, to the center tube, and out the canister. As oil moves through the media, pressure is reduced, while the exterior pressure of the element remains constant. Larger particles are captured at the top and smaller particles are retained in the lower portion of the filter. Oil flow travels through the layers of the elements and into the oil return tube of
the filter housing.

This highly efficient oil filtration technology enables the filter to retain a large volume of contaminants without blinding, and without compromise of filter performance. It is a superior alternative to conventional surface media filters.

What Particles are Filtered?

The eye can see particulate down to about 40 microns. (For reference, a human hair is 35-40 microns.) In today's machinery, lubricant film can be as thin as a few microns. If you can see particles in your oil, there's a serious problem that needs immediate attention. The particles we are describing are destructive wear particles that are not visible without magnification.

What's the Impact?

To do its job, oil must be free from debris. The universal cleanliness standard, ISO 4406c, is detailed on the chart at right. It shows
the count of particles in a milliliter of fluid, which is used to determine the ISO Fluid Cleanliness Code. The code lists scale numbers
based on the particle count range at 4, 6 and 14 microns and higher. This code system is used to evaluate contamination control
methods, including filter performance.

Upgrading from ISO cleanliness code 22/21/18 to ISO Cleanliness Code 16/14/11 can extend the life of a variable displacement
pump from 2 to 14 years – and have equally beneficial effects on other equipment as well.

How It Works

Acculube Filtration Systems filter new lubricant as it's put into service. It also conditions lubricants that are in use, and when transferring lubricants from tanks to reservoirs.

The Needs of Hydraulic Systems

Contamination is introduced each time a ram extends and retracts. Airborne particulate can also land on the cylinder and be
drawn into the oil. As debris accumulates, it can bind or stick valves – particularly servo valves. Vane pulps and piston pumps
also have elevated sensitivity to contamination. For this reason, hydraulic systems have their own cleanliness standards, as
the chart shows.

The Quest for Perfect Filtration

In a perfect world, one filter would deliver 10 things. It would:

be compatible with all fluid-using systems meet ISO 4406c standards
have no pressure drop never need to be inventoried or replaced
hold an unlimited volume of contaminants without blinding offer a way to reduce fluid cost, and warranty costs
not allow bypass have a low cost to purchase and use
never cause lost production have a disposal cost near zero

Acculube's Oil Filtration Systems accomplish all of these goals. It is "lean thinking" applied to a critical maintenance task - and a proven alternative to the cost of buying, inventorying, installing, replacing, and managing fluid filters.

Our cost-effective rental program brings the best-available fluid filtration technology to your facility, for use by the day or week. We'll
set it up for you, and show your maintenance people the 6 simple steps for getting the greatest benefit and the greatest savings.

6 Simple Steps

Using an Oil Thief device, sample and analyze the oil to determine its suitability for continued use.

Determine if it meets the recommended cleanliness level for the most sensitive component in your system.

Determine how long the oil filtration process should take:


Filter the oil in the reservoir for the recommended period of time using the Acculube's Portable Oil Filtration system. Keep the system closed, with caps on and breathers in place.

Re-sample the oil to determine post-filtration ISO Cleanliness level

Calculate the savings:


I'm interested in a customized filtration plan for my facility.

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