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Lithium Greases, EP Greases, Bearing Greases

Acculube's Compatibility Chart For Commercial Greases

Mobilux EP Lithium Greases

Mobilux EP greases provide excellent protection from wear, rust and water washout, and are lead and nitrite-free.

Mobilux EP greases combine corrosion protection, low temperature pumpability and high temp service life.
A Timken OK load of 40 lbs. minimum demonstrates their load-carrying and extreme pressure capability.

Mobil EP greases are recommence for heavy-duty applications involving high unit pressures or shock loads. They are
suitable for rolling elements bearings, plain bearings, gears and couplings.  Mobilux EP greases are well suited for
paper machines, underground mining and tunneling equipment, ore crushing plants, and other applications with wet
conditions.  They are suitable for centralized lubrication systems and other uses where low temperature performance
is required.       

Mobilith SHC Series Lithium Greases

Mobilith SHC high-performance greases are engineered for severe applications at extreme temperatures. 
They combine the features of synthesized hydrocarbon-based fluid with those of an advanced lithium complex
thickener, for excellent adhesion, structural stability and water resistance. 

A proprietary additive system provides exceptional protection from wear, rust and corrosion.  The low internal friction
and high natural viscosity index of the base fluids contributes to higher mechanical efficiency, low starting and running
torque, and low-temperature pumpability.  Benefits include enhanced bearing life, wide operating temperature range
and longer grease life compared to conventional oils. 

Mobilgrease HT Series Lithium Greases

Mobilgrease HTR, HTM, HTS and HTF are high performance EP greases engineered for steel mills, surface mining,
off-highway conditions and other applications involving high shock loads.  They are widely recommended for the
lubrication of bearings, gears and cams. 

HTM and HTR provide good water and corrosion resistance and have an excellent ability to seal bearings against
water intrusion.  These HT series lithium greases also offer high temperature performance properties.  Mobilgrease HTF
offers fire retardancy for castor and hot strip mill operations. 

HT series Lithium greases provide excellent adhesion at high temperatures, and in the presence of water spray. 
Mobilgrease Ht series greases have good pumpability at low to moderate temperatures, and are usable in
centralized distribution systems.  

Mobil Polyrex EM Series Bearing Greases

Super-premium Mobil Polyrex EM bearing greases were formulated for electric motor bearings. Specific applications
include fin fan bearings, high temperature pump bearings, factory-filled ball bearings, ball or roller bearings operating
at high temperatures where low oil separation is required, and ball or roller bearings in noise-sensitive environments. 

An advanced polyurea thickener increases durability vs. conventional polyurea greases when subjected to mechanical
shear forces.   

Mobilgrease XHP-200 Series Lithium Greases

Mobilgrease XHP series are high performance lithium greases for a wide range of applications and severe
operating conditions.  These greases provide excellent high temperature performance with superb adhesion,
structural stability and excellent rust and corrosion protection.  These lithium greases also feature high dropping
points; maximum operating temperature recommended is 347°F.

Mobil XHP lithium greases are used in industrial, automotive, construction and marine applications, also many
mill and mining applications

Mobil SHC Polyrex Series High Temperature Greases

Mobil Polyrex series greases improve productivity in general industry and food processing applications. 
These synthetic, polymer-enhanced greases carry full NSF H1 registration.

Mobil SHC Polyrex greases offer high temperature performance, excellent water resistance and balanced wear
performance for lubrication up to 170°C.  Even at these extremely temperatures, SHC Polyrex greases resist oxidation
and loss of structural stability while allowing longer re-lubrication intervals.  The carefully balanced combination of
thickener, base oils and additives yields a grease with excellent load carrying capabilities and rust protection.

SHC Polyrex greases are compatible with many polyurea and lithium greases, although mixing may detract
from their performance. 

Mobil Delvac Xtreme Service Lithium Greases

Mobil Delvac Xtreme is an extra high performance EP grease.  It provides excellent resistance to softening under
severe working conditions, with good adhesion and cohesion.  An extreme pressure additive protects against wear and
shock loads, while additional additives enhance resistance to high-temperature, oxidation and rust.  This lithium grease
has outstanding structural and chemical stability, and will not corrode steel or copper bearing alloys.  It is compatible
with conventional seal materials. 

Delvac Xtreme is ideal for heavy-duty trucks, especially hinge and bucket pins, U-joints and fifth wheels,
also mining and construction equipment and industrial bearings. 


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