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Cheap Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil allows every machine to perform at its peak, with long intervals between change-outs, freedom from lubricant-caused emergencies – and at reasonable cost.

(Or… NOT!)

Every purchasing agent seeks the best value, but “cheap hydraulic oil,” as appealing as it sounds, can cost facilities plenty, in lower machine performance, shorter tool life, reduced oil service life, and unscheduled downtime.

Hydraulic oils have three jobs: lubrication, heat transfer, and power transfer. But just because a machine can operate with a given oil doesn't mean it should – or that it’s the most cost-effective – option. A poor choice in hydraulic oil may not immediately cause equipment failure, or a spike in out-of-spec parts - but it will absolutely shorten the service life of the machine’s lubricated components.

There are several things to consider when choosing hydraulic oil. What type of pump is used? (Vane, piston, gear? Internal? External?) What’s the system’s operating temperature and pressure? Does the application call for a full synthetic (best to accommodate big swings in pressure and temperature) or a water-based product (for applications involving a fire risk)?

Full synthetics provide the greatest lubricity, and the highest chemical stability over time. Downsides include a higher cost and incompatibility with some pump sealing materials.

Petroleum-based hydraulic oils contain additives to improve wear resistance, inhibit rust, and boost viscosity. These “conventional” hydraulic oils generally have a lower price point.

Water-based fluids are the least common hydraulic oils. Think “good fire protection,” but not-so-good
wear-protection properties.

Optimizing the performance of your machinery is the single most important step you can take to maximize the productivity, and profitability – of your plant. Hydraulic oil is a necessary part of that, and “cheap hydraulic oil” is something many people want. The challenge is how to define it.

Our definition is something like this:
“Cheap hydraulic oil is machinery fluid that optimizes machine operation, has a long service life, never causes shutdowns or other drama, and is reasonable in price.

If your definition is similar, talk with Acculube now.

Our lubricant specialists in the field – and the lab – work with every type of hydraulic oil, and virtually every other critical fluid your facility uses. We can offer ideas, and suggestions that are optimized for your facility, your applications and your budget.


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