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Food Grade Lubricants / FDA Lubricants

Petro Canada's Purity™ food grade greases, specialty fluids and lubricants are top performers
under tough food plant conditions. Purity food grade greases provide excellent thermal stability, better water washout
resistance and better EP (extreme pressure) protection than common specialty food grade lubricants. 

Petro-Canada produces 99.9% pure, base oil – the purest in the world. The result is less downtime and lower
maintenance costs for food processors.   Fully approved, Purity food grade greases protect machinery while
maintaining food safety in and around food processing areas.

  • NSF H1 registered.
  • All components comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570,  "Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact."
  • Certified Kosher and Pareve by Star K.
  • Certified HALAL by IFANCA.
  • Fits perfectly in HACCP and GMP plans.

The Purity food grade lubricants line from Acculube includes greases; air compressor and vacuum pump lubricants;
hydraulic fluid, light and heavy gear lubricants; white mineral oils; heat transfer fluid; light and heavy chain fluids;
trolley fluid; and a multi-functional aerosol.

Purity FG AW Hydraulic Fluids
Food grade anti-wear hydraulic oil. 99% pure; provides superior resistance to oxidative breakdown
Purity FG EP
Gear Fluids
Food grade EP gear oil; provides excellent protection from wear and shock loading
Purity FG Compressor Oil
Food grade air compressor oil
Calflo FG Heat Transfer Fluid
Food grade heat transfer oil
Purity FG WO
White Oils
Pharmaceutical grade white oil
Purity FG
Chain Fluids
Food grade chain & conveyor oil

Purity FG AW Hydraulic Fluids provide excellent performance and anti-wear protection for high pressure systems,
including applications operating at more than 1000 PSI. They deliver clean, nonvarnishing performance even in
extended service, and are virtually odorless in exhaust air.  Purity FG AW Hydraulic Fluids maintain consistency
and fluid performance in the presence of food acids, and are highly resistant to foaming and air entrapment.
Purity FG AW Hydraulic Fluids are ideal for use in inline oilers in pneumatic food packaging applications.  
46 grade passes Vickers 35VQ25A test and all grades pass FZG > 12.

Purity FG AW Hydraulic Fluids with Microl™ were developed for moderate temperature applications.
Microl antimicrobial preservative is registered with the U.S. EPA (No. 82076-1) for protection of the lubricant
from microbial degradation.  Microl is the first and only EPA registered antimicrobial preservative for lubricants
with incidental food contact.  All fluid components comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 (incidental food contact)
and GRAS.  Purity FG AW Hydraulic Fluids provide strong resistance to rust, corrosion, and contamination,
and are highly resistant to foaming.  Sludge minimizing characteristics facilitate smooth operation of
hydraulic valves and actuators.  

Purity FG EP (extreme pressure) Gear Fluids protect against damage from shock loading, long-term wear,
sludge and varnish build-up, rust and corrosion. Registered NSF H1; recommended for all enclosed gears
(worm, helical, bevel and spur) operating under normal or heavy shock loading conditions, at moderate
temperatures.  Purity FG EP gear fluids with Microl can also be used in bearings and chain drives.

Purity FG EP with Microl™ provides antimicrobial protection against lubricant deterioration, fouling and odor.
Excellent extreme pressure properties; protects against damage due to wear, rust and corrosion. Registered
NSF H1; available in ISO VG 100, 150, 220.

Purity FG Synthetic EP gear fluid provides longer life and reduced downtime, even at high temperatures and
in the presence of water or acidic contamination. Protects gears, bearings and equipment operating under
heavy loads; ideal for gearboxes, pumps and bearings operating under wide temperature swings.
Reduces seizure, scuffing and spalling.  ISO VG 220.

PurityFG WO White Oils are ultra-pure, food grade mineral oils for food processing, pharmaceutical and
agricultural industries. Odorless and tasteless, they exhibit good fluidity at low temperatures and excellent low
pour characteristics.  Blended with up to 10 ppm of Vitamin E as a stabilizer, Purity FG WO oils are low in volatility,
and are ideally suited for applications that require a straight, non-toxic white mineral oil.

  • Purity FG WO 35, 40, 68 and 90 meet mineral oils, USP standards
  • Purity FG WO 10 and 15 meet Light Mineral Oil, NF Standards
  • Purity FG WO 15 is approved by USDA as a protecting oil on Shell Eggs.
  • Certified for NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use in drinking water treatment applications.
  • Maintains food allergy safety
  • Gluten-free
  • Manufactured in a facility that does not manufacture, store,
    or otherwise handle any peanuts or tree nut product

Purity FG Chain Fluid lubricates chains, conveyors, and bearings on food processing machinery. 
Purity FG Chain Fluid has excellent tackiness and is highly resistant to water wash-off, reducing the
frequency of reapplication.

It also offers excellent extreme pressure properties – FZG stage 12 pass – and is suitable for brush,
drip feed or centralized application, at temperatures up to 200°C.

Purity FG Trolley Fluid lubricates hook and trolley systems in meat processing operations, maintaining
full lubrication, even under heavy loads.  Special lubricity additive reduces bearing friction to prevent sluggish
or sticking trolleys. Anti-wear additives protect against pin and bushing wear; strong anti-corrosion additives
prevent corrosive wear.

Purity FG Trolley Fluid protects meat products from contact with rust particles and other metal oxides,
reducing production wastage.  It has a special tackifier that strongly adheres to metal surfaces and helps
prevent fluid drips and throw-off from chains.

Purity FG Trolley Fluid remains fluid at low temperatures, ensures proper lubrication and smooth,
uninterrupted trolley operation in chilled areas.  It is tasteless, odorless and non-staining, and wipes up
quickly in the event of incidental contact with meat products.

Purity FG Heat Transfer Fluid is ideal for non-pressurized, indirectly heated, liquid phase heat transfer systems
used in food processing or pharmaceutical operations. Applications include edible oil deodorizing, drying, heating
deep frying oils and central cooking facilities. May also be used in heating baths where odorless, non-toxic properties
are required for worker health and safety.

Purity FG Heat Transfer Fluid is a high efficiency, long life, non-toxic fluid for heat transfer systems operating
up to 326°C (620°F). Performance benefits include low volatility, greatly reduced fluid loss due to vaporization,
and excellent high temperature stability and resistance to oxidation.

Purity FG Heat Transfer Fluid prevents carbon build-up on flanges and valves, extends fluid life, and resists
fouling and the formation of coke. It provides excellent heat transfer efficiency over an extended period.

Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid is a synthetic PAO-based product with additives to protect against wear,
oxidation, rust and corrosion. Tough enough to handle wet food processing environments with wide temperature
variances, Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid can also be used in vacuum pump, pneumatic and
hydraulic applications.

Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid extends service life up to 4,000 hours in rotary screw compressors. 
It controls sludge and varnish in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and can reduce operating costs by extending
time between fluid change-outs.  It provides better thermal and oxidative stability than conventional food grade
lubricants, and Improves the efficiency of condensate recovery.  Ashless, low odor and low volatility, it simplifies
disposal because used fluids are a non-hazardous waste.  Purity FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid is GMS-free,
gluten-free and is manufactured in a facility that does not manufacture, store or handle sesame seeds, milk,
eggs, fish and shellfish, soy, wheat or sulphites. 

Purity FG 2, FG 2 with Microl, and FG 00 multi-purpose greases provide lubrication and pumpability over
a wide range of temperatures, and excellent equipment protection under shock loading conditions.

Purity greases protect gears, bearings and equipment from wear and corrosion, providing exceptional
resistance to water washout and water jet spray loss. Will not stain clothing, wood or porous materials. 

Purity FG2 Synthetic Food Machinery Grease is a multi-purpose lubricant for all food processing applications
including mixing, cooking, stirring, baking, frying, packaging, canning and bottling.  It is especially effective in
food plant applications running under heavy loads, or subject to high and low temperature extremes.   Its operating
range is -40°F to 392°F; it is pumpable down to -31°F.  It can be used intermittently as high as 482°F.  Performance
life for Purity FG2 Synthetic Food Machinery Grease is typically increased by up to 2 times that of standard
mineral based grease.

Purity FG2 Extreme Grease is a high viscosity, semi synthetic, heavy-duty food grade grease for low to medium
speed, heavily-loaded industrial bearings operating under severe conditions. Purity FG Extreme provides
excellent protection in applications subjected to high temperature, high pressure, and heavy loads while
operating continuously, such as in animal feed mills.

Purity FG Clear Grease is an advanced colorless lubricant that protects gears and bearings under wide
temperature swings.  It maintains consistency and lubrication in the presence of food acids, and is highly
resistant to water washout, water jet spray, and sterilizing chemicals.  Purity FG Clear Grease does not run
from bearings under steam cleaning, and will not run from bearings near ovens.  It is pumpable at
low temperatures.


Specialty Fluids

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