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Machine Coolant



How they're used: Machine coolant effects all aspects of a machining operation: the parts, the tools, the machines, the machinists, and the facility environment. Depending on how they’re selected, they also have a great impact – positive or negative – on the owner’s wallet.

Machine coolant maintains parts at a stable temperature, dissipating the heat and energy generated by the operation, and reducing tip welding. This is important for all work, but most critical when close tolerances are involved. Coolants also lubricate the tool, preserving its cutting capacity, and flush chips away from the workpiece. Well-engineered coolants also prevent rusting on both machine components and parts.

Choosing the right coolant is key to the safety and health of machinists: a quality coolant minimizes bacteria and fungi, and the associated odor, toxicity and health problems. A good coolant also reduces the amount of tramp oil that requires disposal.

Have a conversation with your Acculube coolant specialist, and get the latest information regarding coolants for operations like yours.

Semi-synthetic Machine Coolant

Acculube recommends these products for steel:

Castrol Hysol MB 20 Semi-Synthetic Coolant
This versatile semi-synthetic coolant is ideal for machining, grinding, broaching, reaming, and drilling. It provides bioresistance without a bactericide or fungicide. Its advanced additive package enhances both machining performance and the surface finish of the part.

Castrol Hysol MB 20 is multi-metal compatible and ideal for individual sumps and central systems. It is low foaming in all water, and has excellent wetting properties to reduce drag-out. It has a long fluid life and is low maintenance, so additive additions are minimized.

Castrol Hysol MB 50 Semi-Synthetic Coolant
This high performance, soluble metalworking fluid is ideal for steel, as well as aluminum, including aerospace and automotive aluminum. It provides the performance of heavy duty soluble oils without the workplace issues and high usage rates of traditional fluids. It is low foaming and inhibits microbial growth

Castrol Hysol MB 50 does not contain chlorine, sulfur or formaldehyde release agents. Its performance can exceed products containing EP (extreme pressure) additives. The tight, stable emulsion of Hysol MB 50 provides extended life; effective wetting properties maintain clean machines and components.

Acculube recommends these products for aluminum:

Castrol Hysol MB 50 (see description above)

Synthetic Machine Coolant

Acculube recommends these products for steel:

Castrol Syntilo 9954 is a high performance synthetic cutting and grinding fluid for ferrous metals. This oil-rejecting fluid performs difficult operations with superior performance, and is an exceptional replacement for straight cutting oils in applications such as gun-drilling and gear hobbing.

Castrol Syntilo 9954 rejects tramp oils to the surface for easy skimming. It is low foaming in all water conditions, and inhibits microbial growth. It also prevents bi-metallic corrosion and is safe to use in equipment with copper, brass or bronze components.

Acculube recommends these products for aluminum:

Castrol Syntilo 9913 is an oil-rejecting synthetic fluid for machining and grinding aerospace aluminum and other aerospace alloys. Unlike traditional synthetic fluids, it has a neutral pH to prevent staining of sensitive aerospace alloys. Its surfactant chemistries offer superior lubrication and excellent cooling properties. The severe machining capabilities of Syntilo 9913 make it an excellent choice for other aluminum alloys, especially when diamond tooling is used.

Castrol Syntilo 9913 keeps machine surfaces and parts clean with a soft, transparent film residue. It rejects tramp oils to the surface for easy skimming, inhibits microbial growth, and is low foaming in all water conditions.

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