Fluid Distributor of industrial lubricants, synthetic oil, hydraulic oils, grease, cleaners, coolants, metalworking fluids, quenchants, absorbents, water treatment chemicals for Ohio Valley area (Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky). Acculube can reduce lubricant costs.


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Castrol Industrial
Acculube is the region's premier supplier of Castrol cutting and grinding fluids, soluble, synthetic, biostable, straight oil and multi-metal compatible products. Many products are engineered for highly
specific applications. Email Us for recommendations that can extend fluid and tool life, and lower your
total costs of ownership!

      Acculube Recommended

Synthetic Water Soluble Coolants
for Cutting and Grinding

  • Syntilo CR 68 is a tungsten carbide grinding fluid that prevents leaching of the cobalt while providing exceptional lubricity and biological stability.
  • Syntilo 1023 is an long-life synthetic for cast iron transfer lines.  It separates most tramp oil to the surface of the fluid where it can be removed by skimming.
  • Syntilo 2109 is an oil-absorbing synthetic metalworking fluid formulated for cast iron transfer lines and general machining of ferrous alloys. It absorbs 1-2% tramp oil to improve lubrication, enhance corrosion protection and prevent clinkering of cast iron chips.
  • Syntilo 9902 is a synthetic coolant for general purpose grinding, and light duty machining of ferrous metals. It forms a clear, stable solution in hard and soft waters.
  • Syntilo 9930 is a light to medium duty synthetic for ferrous metals.  It exhibits good anti-corrosion properties and is highly resistant to bacterial attack.
  • Syntilo 9930 BF is a light to medium duty boron-free synthetic  for ferrous metals. It is ideal for surface, cylindrical, double disk and centerless grinding, and forms a clear, stable solution in hard or soft water.
  • Syntilo 9926 is an oil-rejecting synthetic cutting and grinding fluid that performs exceptionally well in a variety of operations. Its lubrication package provides superior tool life, even in heavy-duty machining operations.
  • Syntilo 9828 is a water soluble synthetic cutting and grinding fluid engineered for aerospace aluminum alloys. It is Boeing & Bombardier approved for composite fiber machining.
  • Syntilo 9904 is a medium to heavy duty synthetic for ferrous metals.  It has improved hard waster stability and produces low residues and minimal fluid
    carry out.
  • Syntilo 9918 is an oil-rejecting synthetic fluid for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    It provides pure machining performance in severe operations such as threading.
  • Syntilo 9954 is an oil-rejecting synthetic engineered for the high feed and speed of today's machining operations. It performs exceptionally well as a replacement for neat cutting oil in gun-drilling, gear hobbing and broaching.
  • Syntilo 9974 is Castrol's highest performing, oil-rejecting synthetic metalworking fluid.  Its premium technology provides extremely high lubricity in a variety of ferrous metal applications.
  • Syntilo 9974 BF is a boron-free synthetic coolant developed for the grinding and heavy duty machining of ferrous metals.
  • Syntilo 9913 is an oil-rejecting synthetic fluid for machining and grinding aerospace aluminum and other aerospace alloys.




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